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Our Preferred Epoxy Resin

KSRESIN supplies premium epoxy resin specifically formulated for use with coating canvases, wood substrates, and other common resin art uses. All of our resins contain UV stabilizers, are zero VOC, water-clear, and are dry to touch in as little as 10 hours.

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The Glitter Doctor was created by two visionary crafters who became best friends in 2000. After years of crafting separately, we brought our heads, hearts and experiences together to create a one stop shop for all of the things we loved doing apart in the hopes that we could offer the best products at the best prices for those with a love for crafting as strong as our very own. More recently, we collaborated with two more amazing brands to bring you, The Craft Clinic! This collaboration brings more spcializsts under one roof, so remember, we are here to help you bring your crafts to a new level.